There's More to IMAGINE....

The IMAGINE Travel Agent program is a Travel Agent Loyalty program brought to you by TruCash Rewards. The program pays travel consultants Reward Points on every qualified booking purchased from Participating Partners.

  • The amount of reward points you can earn when booking Skylink Travel is LIMITLESS.
  • Find out more in our Reward Points Schedule.
  • Convert your Reward Points and enjoy spending your CASH on anything you can IMAGINE!

Travel Agents earn Reward Points with the IMAGINE Travel Agent program by booking with SkyLink Travel. Each qualifying transaction earns you valuable points, deposited in a special debit account in your name. You will be issued a free IMAGINE Loyalty Prepaid Card that can be used on any purchases. The best part is that there's no limit to the number of Reward Points you can earn. The more you book, the more CASH you'll earn!

To view a list of our Participating Partners please click on the applicable country flag:

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